Jul 23, 2014

Youth Reps Recital

Here are some pictures from our recent Youth Rep recital, where our talented Youth Rep actors performed scenes they'd rehearsed, gave presentations they'd designed, read plays they wrote and tap danced to routines they'd created! 
And that's not all these teens have in store for us! Don't miss the Youth Rep performance of Applause, opening July 31 and running through August 3. Get tickets here.

(Casey Fetters & Abby Roubal)
(Isiah Foster  & Cassandra Sturgeon)

(Moriah Yeh & Michelle Cage)

(Madison Falkenstine & Michelle Griffin)

(Isiah Foster & Cassandra Sturgeon)

Jul 16, 2014

Excerpt from "Ten Reasons to Go to a Play and Support Local Theatre," by Cheryl Ray

       "Colorado Springs is fortunate to have many theatre groups that present outstanding productions regularly. The Fine Arts Center's Theatre Company is well known and highly regarded for its consistently superb productions. As a long-time subscriber to its theatre season main stage productions, I readily and wholeheartedly attest to its reputation for true excellence. In an interview, Scott R. C. Levy, Producing Artistic Director of the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center's Theatre Company, enthusiastically shared his thoughts on why we should go to a play and support the local theatre community..."

      Go to http://www.usrepresented.com/2014/07/15/ten-reasons-to-go-to-a-play-and-support-local-theatre/ to read Scott Levy's top 10 reasons for the importance and uniqueness of theatre! 

Cheryl Ray has a B.A. in English, a B.A. in Drama, an M.A. in English, a Ph.D - ABD in Social, Multicultural Foundations of Education with an emphasis in Anthropology in Education, and K - 12 Literacy Specialist certification.

Jul 14, 2014

FAC Youth Reps to Perform Applause!

Get ready to applaud FAC's Youth Rep Ensemble in Applause! Check out these talented teens working hard in preparation for this Tony Award-winning production in the accompanying video. Applause opens on July 31 and runs through Aug. 3.

Jul 7, 2014

Meet our new President and CEO David Dahlin!

We are very excited that our new President and CEO David Dahlin started today! Here's a quick video introduction.

Jun 25, 2014

Spotlight: Andy Tirado

Below is an excerpt of a post from artist Andy Tirado's blog ruminating on the process of naming a piece. 
Come see Andy Tirado's show "Open" at the FAC. Runs through September 28th, 2014.

The Art of the Title (2/9/13) 
                         "Well, I did it.  I titled my first finished sculpture, completed late in 2012.  It wasn’t any easier than naming a child, and what added to the difficulty was the fact that, unlike a child, one needn’t name their artwork...
The title could be flat-footed, dry, and to-the-point – descriptive of the work but not adding anything more, such as titling a painting of a sunset in the desert “Desert Sunset”.  It could point the viewer to a meaning in the work that would otherwise remain hidden.  It could be a line of poetry... 

As so often happens with the work itself, the title manifested when I was mentally engaged yet not imposing my own will and desire on it.  Unlike the other possibilities, the title was not “for the viewer” per se, but in a kind of tautological way, like the work itself, was for itself, if that makes any sense.  Like my daughter Sophie, whose name becomes her and who simply is her name, the title of the first serious piece I have made in a good long while references itself in a physical, concrete, and obvious way, yet also speaks to its place and purpose in time.  It is a signpost – a cairn – a reminder for me of what it means to me.  More than that – what it is." 

FAC participates in The Butterflies and Friends Project

Tiger Sunset by Renée Hathcoat

Poppy-llon by Nancy Neale

You may have noticed that art has taken wing in front of the Fine Arts Center at Cascade Avenue and Dale Street.
This FAC is proud to once again participate in The Butterflies and Friends Project. The Rotary Club of Colorado Springs organizes the project to raise awareness and money to promote the arts in area schools.
The two butterflies in front of the FAC – Tiger Sunset and Poppy-llon -- were painted, respectively, by Renée Hathcoat and Nancy Neale.
The butterflies will be auctioned off at the Preview Party and Gala Auction on Oct. 11 at Cheyenne Mountain Resort, where there alsowill be a silent auction and a close-up display of the butterflies.

Jun 2, 2014

Behind the Scenes with Floyd and Clea: The Studebaker

Hear Chris Sheley, the FAC’s production manager, discuss the character that was hardest to cast in Floyd and Clea Under the Western Sky, Floyd's car. This Studebaker Lark plays the character of Maybelle, Floyd's trusty vehicle and temporary home in the show. Since Maybelle is on stage throughout the show, the perfect car had to be found for the part. After finding this rare ‘60s car, the feat of getting it into the Fine Arts Center still remained. Come see Floyd and Clea Under the Western Sky June 12-29 at the Fine Arts Center of Colorado Springs.

May 23, 2014

Behind the Scenes with Floyd and Clea: The Photoshoot

Mounting a professional musical involves so many fascinating moving parts. One of the aspects of production that we do before all our mainstage shows is a photo shoot. Here’s a video of our photographer Jeff Kearney’s work that we’ll use to promote  Floyd and Clea Under the Western Sky.
We took our stars, Chelsea Ringer and Jordan Lee, and had them pose and play around at the Western Jubilee, a hidden gem of recording studio near downtown Colorado Springs. Check out the video, which features Chelsea and Jordan singing songs from this regional premiere, which opens June 12 and runs through the 29th.
Get tickets by calling 719.634.5583 or clicking on this link:

May 6, 2014

Experience Chihuly Rediscovered!

Our Fine Arts Center intern Ella Weil captured this scene at the Members Preview of Chihuly Rediscovered on May 2. The event drew 473 people!

Chihuly Rediscovered Gets Discovered in a Big Way!

Photographer Kirk Speer captured the excitement of this May 2 members only preview, which drew 473 people!

Apr 28, 2014

Matt O'Neill: Thrift Store Sublime Abridged


Check out this interview with Denver artist Matt O'Neill, whose show Thrift Store Sublime is running at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center through July 13.

See our previous blog post for more detailed info on Matt O'Neill!

Matt O'Neill: Thrift Store Sublime


Check out this interview with Denver artist Matt O'Neill, whose show Thrift Store Sublime is running at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center through July 13.

Since relocating to Colorado from Chicago in the 1980s, Matt O’Neill has remained one of our region's most exciting artists. Naturalistic realism has defined his style for most of the time since and has earned his the high regard of many longtime regional artists, curators, and art critics. Whether portraits of his neighbors in the Five Points area of Denver or of spotty teenagers taken from yearbook photos, O’Neill’s subjects often derive from cultural nostalgia combined with surrealism and humor. In many of his paintings, such as the FAC's F.F.A. Sweetheart, the O'Neill takes a uniquely western subject and renders it through the prism of Picasso’s simultaneous reverence and bizarrely mocking abstraction. This kind of work set O’Neill on a path to some of the more purely abstract works he has focused on for the past decade.

“A painter can still go into the studio with an armful of crude materials and like a shaman can summon something up. It’s a type of magic.” 

—Matt O’Neill, 2014

Apr 18, 2014

Youth Rep Alum Gets Major Scholarship at Marymount Manhattan College

FAC Youth Rep alum Jennie Leski has not only been accepted into Marymount Manhattan College (where alumni include Annaleigh Ashford, who starred as Glinda in Broadway’s production of Wicked and Moira Kelly, who voiced the animated character Nala in The Lion King) she also has been awarded the prestigious Presidential Scholarship and Leadership Scholarship.

Jennie appeared in our recent regular season production of The Wizard of Oz and is seen here in the Youth Rep show Pippin.

We're so proud of Jennie and all our Youth Rep alums! 

FAC wins big in Gazette's Best of the Springs

Tara moving and shaking
She’s moving. She’s shaking.

Our fab Education Director Tara Thomas won a Silver for Best Mover and Shaker in the Arts in The Gazette’s Best of the Springs poll.

Take a bow, Tara!

We’re also grateful for the other awards that came our way (and to those who did such great work with us.)

BEST MUSEUM: Gold (with a nice writeup that also mentioned the theater and school.
BEST ARTS CAMP: Gold for Youth Repertory Theatre
Birgitta De Pree
BEST THEATER COMPANY: Silver for our theater.
BEST MUSICAL: Silver to The Wizard of Oz
BEST PLAY: Bronze to Noises Off
BEST ACTRESS: Gold to Birgitta De Pree (Other Desert Cities, Noises Off);

Bronze to Amy Sue Hardy (Drowsy Chaperone, Play It Again, Sam)


Amy Sue Hardy
Production That Left Me (Jennifer Mulson) Singing for Days: The Drowsy Chaperone

Best Small Ensemble Performance (David Sckolnik): Veronika String Quartet for Mastery at the FAC.