Mar 28, 2007

Katrina Gallery Tour

New Orleans gallery owner and exhibition organizer Arthur Roger with Louisiana artists Willie Birch, Jacqueline Bishop and Dawn Dedeaux, provide a room-by-room narration for Katrina: Catastrophe and Catharsis. Download the first-ever FAC MODERN audio tour on your mp3 player, then come downtown to view the exhibit. Experience Katrina through the eyes – and words – of the artists!
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Mar 27, 2007

Bad Boys of Abridgement

Cory Moosman, Chris Varano, and Brantley Haines, stars of the FAC’s Complete History of America (Abridged), which opens this Friday, debut their "Bad Boys of Abridgement" Blog by dissecting the Complete History of Blogs... including some fond childhood memories of playing with Lincoln blogs.
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Would you like the combo?

On April 5, the Fine Arts Center is offering a special package deal$5 off – for patrons attending both the First Thursday wine tasting and the Thursday evening production of The Complete History of America (Abridged), which opens this Friday and presents an American history lesson in land speed record time. Three cultural guerillas will take you on a hilarious 90-minute rollercoaster ride. Read more about ‘Complete History.’

Mar 23, 2007

Tariana Raises a Ruckus

Mark Arnest of the Gazette recently profiled four new curators in Colorado Springs, including the FAC’s own Tariana Navas-Nieves. Mark quotes Tariana in his blog, Colorado Springs Artsblog, “I’m hoping to cause some ruckus and reaction,” she said. “Colorado Springs is kind of a traditionalist city. I want to celebrate that but also to expand it. This city is ready to be challenged and pushed in new directions … Art is not for curators or scholars or a small group. It is for you — it is for the public.” Read the entire piece here.

Watch Waters at Work

John WatersFAC Extremely Grand Opening guest and iconoclastic film director John Waters is the host of Court TV's 'Til Death Do Us Part, a "humorous look at marriages gone very wrong." Very wrong indeed. Each case examines a doomed marriage in which one spouse murders the other. “I’ve always been jealous of Vincent Price’s career,” said Waters, “Maybe now that he’s dead, I can hijack it.” Read more about John Waters.

Mar 21, 2007

Dr. Michael De Marsche’s NPR interview

On March 7, Louisiana artist Jacqueline Bishop interviewed FAC President and CEO Dr. Michael De Marsche about Katrina: Catastrophe and Catharsis for New Orleans’ NPR station 89.9 WWNO.
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Mar 19, 2007

Storm of Creativity

Mary Voelz Chandler reviewed the Katrina show in Friday’s Rocky Mountain News … “In short, "Catastrophe and Catharsis" is a prime example of the natural inclination of artists to create, even as the world seems to blow apart.” She concludes, “(Katrina) … has moments of pure power, tempered by revelation, sadness and the opportunity to see art that carries the personality of an American city unlike any other.” Read the whole review here.

Mar 15, 2007

Katrina Opening March 9, 2007

Katrina: Catastrophe and Catharsis, the latest exhibition at the FAC MODERN, opened March 9 and runs through April 29, 2007. Watch the Opening Night video from Springs Culture Cast:

Mar 14, 2007

2005 Chihuly TV Commercial

View the television commercial from our blockbuster exhibition, Chihuly at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center from 2005. This historic exhibit of paint and glass caused an explosion of art interest in the Rocky Mountain region with nearly 80,000 visitors attending; the FAC membership tripled in that one memorable year. Our newly expanded gallery space at the FAC will feature $2 million worth of Chihuly art from our permanent collection.