Dec 14, 2007

Week Three: Here we go again!

‘Twas week three after op’ning and all of the cast
Was exhausted and weary, their eyes at half-mast
But a feeling was brewing, a sense in the air
That a SaGaJi audience soon would be there.

They’d survived ten performances, ten more to go
With the crew and the costumers, all were in tow
The whole team was regrouping, and stoking their engines
For another attempt at the show, with a vengeance.

The singing and acting and dancing parts, too
Seemed sharper and clearer and easier to do
The effects were lots smoother, things coming together
(Now if only they’d have some good luck with the weather!)

They were psyched, in a word, to go at it again!
To perform for their fam’lies, co-workers, and friends
Now the only thing missing, to make hearts replete
Was a herd of warm bodies, to warm unfilled seats.

Come share in the Christmas fun!

All the best,
GXP (Amy Brooks)

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