Jun 30, 2008

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Practice for “Snow White and the Seven Disappearances”, a play written by
La Foret campers

Jun 27, 2008

Jun 26, 2008

Jun 25, 2008

Be an Art Critic ... Sargent

John Singer Sargent, Portrait of Miss Elsie Palmer or Young Lady in White, 1889-1890
Oil on canvas, 75 1/8” x 45 1/8”

Tell us what you think about this John Singer Sargent portrait from the Fine Arts Center's permanent collection. Post your comments below.

Bemis Blog Blast...

Kalyana Gallagher at Family Adventure Day ... "I was born to draw!"

Jun 24, 2008

Debutante Ball honorees announced

The 28 young women who will be presented at the 2008 Colorado Springs Debutante Ball were announced in the Gazette this weekend. For 41 years, the Debutante Ball has honored young women and their families who have made significant contributions to their schools and communities. The event, held at the FAC, benefits the Fine Arts Center's permanent collection acquisition fund.
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Watercolor Pencil Techniques class at Bemis School of Art

Jun 23, 2008

Bemis Blog Blast...

Scene One of “Snow White and the Seven Disappearances”
a camper-written play at La Foret day camp

Jun 20, 2008

Jun 18, 2008

Jun 16, 2008

Be an Art Critic ... Marisol

Marisol (Escobar), John Wayne, 1963
Wood, mixed media, 104” x 96” x 15” (113” high with stand)

Last week we posted Richard Diebenkorn's Urbana #4 and heard about beach scenes, kitchen sinks, and abstract expression! Here's another favorite from the Fine Arts Center's permanent collection, a sculpture depicting John Wayne. What do you think? Post your comments below.

Jun 5, 2008

Be an Art Critic ... Diebenkorn

Richard Diebenkorn, Urbana #4, 1953
Oil on canvas, 66 ½” x 49 ½”

We want to hear from you! What do you think of this abstract painting from the Fine Arts Center's permanent collection? You don’t have to be an art expert, just share your opinion … and come back to see what other viewers have to say! Post your comments below.

Jun 4, 2008

FAC 'Best of the Springs' awards

The Fine Arts Center received 10 Best of the Springs titles from the Gazette, plus two readers' choice picks (The Gazette's 2008 Best of the Springs Edition).

Best Comedy … Fuddy Meers
“An excellent cast, an imaginatively nonrealistic staging, and a fresh story brimming with inspiration: The FAC Theatre Company’s production of David Lindsay-Abaire’s bizarre, madcap comedy was one of the season’s highlights.”

Best Actress … Leah Chandler-Mills
“She saved her best mother for last: Gertie in the Fine Arts Center’s Fuddy Meers – a beautifully nuanced portrayal of a person who has important things to say but just can’t get them out.”

Best Performance in a Musical … Mercedes Perez, Into the Woods
“… brassy, cynical and yet still somehow a vulnerable mother – all projected with a bright, powerful voice … “

Best Set … Sunday in the Park with George
“Chris Sheley and Brian Jude Beacom take the honors for the imagination with which they recreated Georges Seurat’s (painting).”

Best Dress … Carmen Mock, Sunday in the Park with George
“More kudos to FAC set designer Chris Sheley … a sublimely silly moment when her confining dress opened up to let her out.”

Best Art Museum … Fine Arts Center
“The best got better … “

Best Local Exhibit … Altered Space: 21st Century Installation Art
“ … contemplative, thought-provoking works … “

Best Traveling Exhibit … Impressionism and Modern Masters
“ … glamorous … truly great works … “

Best Arts Event … Extremely Grand Opening
“For one weekend in August, Colorado Springs felt like a huge city.”

Best Dramatic Exit … Michael De Marsche
“ … he exited with a bang …”

Readers’ Choice
Best Art Gallery … Fine Arts Center
Best Art Museum … Fine Arts Center