Jun 16, 2008

Be an Art Critic ... Marisol

Marisol (Escobar), John Wayne, 1963
Wood, mixed media, 104” x 96” x 15” (113” high with stand)

Last week we posted Richard Diebenkorn's Urbana #4 and heard about beach scenes, kitchen sinks, and abstract expression! Here's another favorite from the Fine Arts Center's permanent collection, a sculpture depicting John Wayne. What do you think? Post your comments below.


atomicelroy said...

This is one of my favorites in the collection. It used to be in the Theatre Lounge back when I worked at the FAC Theatre ( back in the Steam Age). I saw this sculpture every day.
It is such a great Pop Art Sculpture, showing JW on his horse.
I like the primary colors and the depiction of the subject's face photographically, great use of mixed media.

Taina Princess said...

I have to agree with you, Tom. John Wayne is undoubtedly one of my favorite works at the Fine Arts Center, and it is one of Venezuelan artist Marisol's best. It is certainly one of her most "Pop looking" pieces with the various John Wayne images, the "patriotic" red, white and blue horse, and of course I can't help to laugh at Marisol's typical sense of humor with her anatomically correct "detail" hiding under the horse...

Kay Kohl said...

I agree with you both; this is a great piece. Its size is impressive, and as a free-standing sculpture it wants you to look around, under, and behind it and see the different images. There are many aspects of the piece: humor, sarcasm, social commentary, exploring sterotypes and "cowboy heroes." But besides all that, it's fun. It makes you smile. It is world-class art, and the FAC is fortunate to have it as part of its permanent collection, and to be able to share this with the local community and visitors.

atomicelroy said...

as they say the devil's in the details!