Aug 11, 2008

Be an Art Critic ... Roncoli

Claudio Roncoli, Aqua Dulce (Sweet Water), 2007
Acrylic on Vinyl Canvas

Tell us what you think about this new acquisition to the Fine Arts Center's permanent collection by Argentinean artist Claudio Roncoli. Post your comments below.

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Anonymous said...

I love the playful textures and layers of bright color in this painting.

Anonymous said...

It is a relatable photograph with a Warhol-like coloring. Nothing extrodinary, but unique.

Unknown said...

Its really wonderful photo and I just like it. It is a fabulous art.

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Anonymous said...

Wondering what is the reason behind the more saturated colors in the lower image. Direction of vision is there. Otherwise painting is not particularly compelling.

Anonymous said...

This painting sends an ideological message that says this is how people should look and behave. It beholds the idea that in order to be happy, you have to be young, white, and playing at the beach (probably in CA. somewhere). I am aware that the artist is from Argentina which I'm sure he is making a statement about the power of an images influence and how easily people are bought into an images ideals--we (people) are easily manipulated by art, propaganda, and advertisements. So much so, that we are willing to pay a monetary price in order to acquire materialistic objects. I enjoyed this painting because it is vibrant and happy even though I am aware that it sends a false message.