Jan 23, 2009

Inside The Full Monty undress rehearsal

Here’s a note from Cyndi Trissel of Colorado Springs, who saw last night’s Invited Dress Rehearsal of The Full Monty:

I absolutely loved it. Everyone did such a fantastic job. I hadn’t seen a show at the SaGāJi Theatre before; I was very impressed. As with the film, I completely fell for Dave (Cory Moosman) He really evoked empathy from me.

The show stayed very close to the film, which I loved, and the music and songs -- so beautifully executed -- just accentuated the greatness and relevance of the story. The sets were used brilliantly and the cast is wonderful. The actors unwavering dedication to their roles was essential and yet unexpected at the same time. I have much respect for them as artists and craftsman to have that kind of devotion.

I know my opinion is just one tiny person, but I am telling everyone I know to come see it; I think I will even come see it again as well. It was a toe-tapping, heartfelt, fun-loving time, and I couldn’t stop smiling.

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