May 30, 2009

Dancing in a Belgian train station

Check out this fun, public art, video of more than 200 dancers performing to "Do Re Mi" from 'The Sound of Music' in the Antwerp Central Station, a promotional stunt for a Belgian television program.

May 29, 2009

Botero exhibition getting some ink

The Fine Arts Center’s exhibition, The Baroque World of Fernando Botero, is causing a stir, featured on the cover of The Independent, the cover of the Go!, the top story on the Denver Post’s Entertainment section and on page 1A of today’s Gazette. The FAC hasn’t been on both local covers in the same week since the Extremely Grand Opening in August of 2007.

The Opening Celebration is tonight from 5-8 p.m. We invite you all to join us. FAC members can attend the Opening and every day of the exhibit for free.

The Independent
“Their breadth is stunningly majestic. Years from now, locals will still talk about the FAC hosting this show.”

Denver Post
“But Los Angeles' and New York's loss is Colorado's gain, because this exhaustive exhibition makes clear that it is time for a major reconsideration of this doggedly independent-minded artist … Indeed, the Botero that emerges via this exhibition, which will surely draw visitors from along the Front Range, is a surprisingly complex … “

“As you walk through the three sprawling galleries, it feels much like the Louvre - room upon room of palace-ready paintings … “

“ … formidable, big-boned, larger than life and literally two tons of fun.”

May 28, 2009

Interview with artist Sushe Felix

Last week, popular Colorado artist (and former Bemis School of Art student) Sushe Felix chatted with FOX 21's Meaghan Collier beside one of her pieces on display in the FAC galleries. Listen to the artist discuss her work, her experiences at Bemis, and the importance of art education.

May 27, 2009

A tour of artist Pat Musick's home - from KRCC

KRCC just debuted a new web-only feature called The Big Something. The first story was on a Colorado Springs artist with ties to the Fine Arts Center, Archie Musick, and his eclectic Garden of the Gods house. Click here for a guided audio slideshow of the local architectural gem, narrated by the artist's daughter (and owner of the home) Pat Musick.

May 20, 2009

Whimsical wedding at the FAC

Ever wonder what a wedding would look like at the Fine Arts Center? Well, a great wedding took place at the FAC recently and we've got the photos to prove it. Check out this whimsical wedding at Style Me Pretty, the ultimate wedding blog.

May 18, 2009

FAC hauls in 13 Gazette 'best of' awards

The Fine Arts Center took home 13 'Best of' awards from the Gazette. Congratulations to all!

Best Art Museum
Fine Arts Center
(Readers' Choice)
When it comes to the Fine Arts Center, Lee Bowers sums it up quite nicely: "Um. Wow!" After a $28.4 million renovation in 2006, the facility boasts both architect John Gaw Meem's stately Pueblo style and airy public spaces able to accommodate the enormous as well as the intimate. Voters cited the free admission days, Dale Chihuly's chandeliers, a solid permanent collection and ambitious traveling shows as reasons to visit again and again. "Better than the Denver Art Museum," wrote one fan, "who needs angled walls?"

Best Local Exhibit
Colorado Springs Abstract
(Gazette Pick)
The scope of this 80-piece survey is ambitious - from turn-of-the-century experimentation to contemporary renderings. Sure, there are heavy hitters, such as the tasty Motherwells you can spot from the broad doorway of the Fine Arts Center's El Pomar Gallery. But the real treat is to see local artists Betty Ross, Holly Parker, Bill Burgess and others hang in this august setting.

Best Museum Exhibit
Life as a Legend: Marilyn Monroe
(Readers' Choice)
Despite a year of blockbusters at the Fine Arts Center - from an impressionists show in January to Pablo Picasso in July - this tightly focused traveling exhibit stood out with voters. Not unlike the delicious Ms. Monroe herself. The April 2008 offering included 300 Monroe-related photographs and works by such artists as Andy Warhol, Richard Avedon and Henri Cartier-Bresson as well as 15 local artists invited to participate in the show. It was fun, sexy, sad and, ultimately, a testament to our obsession with the unattainable.

Best Traveling Exhibit
Mikel Glass: The Discarded
(Gazette Pick)
It's big ideas in small packages. Sometimes literally. In this sprawling exhibition, the New York artist creates say-what facsimiles of throw-away objects as well as exquisitely painted canvases that play with notions of realism and the nature of art. All of this at our local museum. Amazing.

Best Use of Multimedia
Mikel Glass: The Discarded
(Gazette Pick)
It's hard to get your mind around New York realist Mikel Glass' curious work, which ran Jan. 17-April 19 at the Fine Arts Center. That's especially true of the series of handmade boxes that ape throw-away objects, such as express-mail boxes, with such detail that you can't tell the difference. Recognizing that the best convincer - touching it and seeing the wooden back - wasn't possible, the arts center put together a smart array of online and gallery media - including a slide show, a video on how he makes these pieces and an interview with the artist - to telegraph just how artful this heady work really is.

Best Artist You Do Not Understand
Tom McElroy
(Gazette Pick)
If you walked into Tom McElroy's recent exhibition at the FAC Modern, "Atomic Elroy's Hometown," you may have been puzzled. But you were unlikely to miss that, like much of his work, this video and installation piece is smart and meaningful, the pearl inside a particularly petulant oyster. To understand McElroy, you needed to spend time with the piece, wading into his complicated relationship with his hometown, Colorado Springs, and his love affair with the slippery nature of dadaism.

Best Musical
The Full Monty
(Readers' Choice)
Fans couldn't stop laughing. They loved the singing, acting and special "ladies night" production. Some thought it should have gotten even more exposure, if you know what we mean.

Best Musical
Disney's Beauty and the Beast
(Gazette Pick)
Colorful costumes, a sparkling cast and one show-stopping number after another combined to captivate adults while introducing a new, young audience to the magic of theater.

Best Costumes
Disney's Beauty and the Beast
(Gazette Pick)
How do you bring a wardrobe, a candelabra and a houseful of everyday objects to life? Easily, if you've got Elizabeth Fry's keen imagination and eye for detail. Why, she made even the Beast endearing.

Best Choreography
The Full Monty
(Gazette Pick)
Mary Ripper Baker's dance numbers are always a joy to watch, but in this testosterone-driven musical she really outdid herself, rocking the house with her contagiously energetic choreography.

Best Youth Show
(Gazette Pick)
Recognized for its intensive training program in the dramatic arts, The Youth Rep showed with this ode to American workers that it could produce work as polished and mature as any professional theater company.

Best Romantic Restaurant
Cafe 36
(Gazette Pick)
When this restaurant opened in the wake of the nifty Fine Arts Center expansion, it served some pretty food that was also pretty bad. But since Garden of the Gods Gourmet took over, the cafe which is now open for dinner and happy hour tapas as well as lunch, it has landed among the top lunch spots in town. The limited but creative menu is complemented by a romantic setting, particularly on the patio overlooking Pikes Peak.

Best Volunteer
Mary Lou Roesler
, FAC docent (Readers' Choice)

May 13, 2009

Sally Hybl interview uncut

Watch FOX 21's Meaghan Collier interviewing local actress Sally Lewis Hybl about her role in the FAC's production of the classic musical, The Music Man, playing through May 31.