Jun 11, 2009

"How to Move a 4,000 Lb. Sculpture" on KRCC

In their "ongoing quest to take you behind the scenes of everything," KRCC's The Big Something posted a new audio slideshow about installation of the huge sculptures for The Baroque World of Fernando Botero, narrated by curator Tariana Navas-Nieves. One fan commented that this was the "best installment of this series yet." Watch and listen here.

Blake Milteer discusses abstract art on KRCC

On June 4, KRCC's "The Big Something" featured FAC curator Blake Milteer discussing the work of Herbert Bayer, one of the artists from our recent exhibition, Colorado Springs Abstract. Click here for the audio slideshow about Bayer's contributions to abstract art in Colorado Springs.

Jun 9, 2009

Seth Godin on leadership

Here is another great video from TED.com, a talk by marketing guru Seth Godin, who speaks on leadership and the importance of leading a movement by challenging the status quo, building a culture and connecting with people in your tribe.

HOMEWORK: Review the FAC on travel sites

It's the summer travel season and we hope everyone in the Front Range takes a stay-cation and visits the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, but for everyone else, we hope they decide to visit the Springs and the FAC. Some people make those decisions on where to travel by looking at various travel guide websites. I took a spin around these sites and found out that nearly all of them have outdated information about the FAC and little or no current reviews. I will handle the outdated information; but I'd like to ask our fans to contribute a review or recommendation for the FAC on these sites. (I could do that too, but apparently that's unethical.)

The geniuses at frommers.com give the FAC one star out of three. Their site doesn’t seem to be working. I’d give them one-half star.

One of the top travel guides online and tripadvisor.com has just one review about the FAC and it’s from July 2005 and the headline reads “very expensive.” Still the FAC ranks as the 13th most popular attraction out of 68 with a four-out-of-five rating.

The FAC has earned an average of four stars out of five from the three reviews, including one written by Toonces the Driving Cat. Yelp.com is the site that is making print critics uncomfortable, but all three reviews predate our renovation and expansion.

The FAC is listed as the 17th most popular attraction in town. One review from 2008 and it shouts “Great collection.”

Click on “Write a Review” … so far no one has written a review, so if you are the first, they ask for our contact information.

Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center
30 W. Dale St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Jun 3, 2009

LOOT lecture tomorrow night at the FAC ...

Tomorrow night is the first Thursday of June, so we're going to host our First Thursday event. It just makes sense. But we're also offering on a first come, first serve basis, tickets to a lecture in the SaGaJi Theatre by Sharon Waxman, author of Loot: The Battle over the Stolen Treasures of the Ancient World. PLUS, you can see our Botero exhibition, all for the same low, low price. We are partnering with the World Affairs Council and the Pikes Peak Library District on this event, so FAC Members, WAC members and PPLD card holders will all get a discounted rate for this very special three-for-one event. Bring your cards!

Jun 2, 2009

Video from the Opening Night of Botero

Using a FlipVideo camera given to the Fine Arts Center by the Bee Vradenburg Foundation, I recorded the happenings of the Opening Celebration for The Baroque World of Fernando Botero. Eschewing the interviewer-centric approach of other local arts video enterprises, I instead let the video doing the talking, utilizing the 'shaky cam' technique to capture the gritty underbelly of the affair, a technique made famous by late 1990s television crime dramas. In the middle of it all, I met a man who attended the FAC Grand Opening in 1936. Watch and enjoy.