Jun 9, 2009

HOMEWORK: Review the FAC on travel sites

It's the summer travel season and we hope everyone in the Front Range takes a stay-cation and visits the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, but for everyone else, we hope they decide to visit the Springs and the FAC. Some people make those decisions on where to travel by looking at various travel guide websites. I took a spin around these sites and found out that nearly all of them have outdated information about the FAC and little or no current reviews. I will handle the outdated information; but I'd like to ask our fans to contribute a review or recommendation for the FAC on these sites. (I could do that too, but apparently that's unethical.)

The geniuses at frommers.com give the FAC one star out of three. Their site doesn’t seem to be working. I’d give them one-half star.

One of the top travel guides online and tripadvisor.com has just one review about the FAC and it’s from July 2005 and the headline reads “very expensive.” Still the FAC ranks as the 13th most popular attraction out of 68 with a four-out-of-five rating.

The FAC has earned an average of four stars out of five from the three reviews, including one written by Toonces the Driving Cat. Yelp.com is the site that is making print critics uncomfortable, but all three reviews predate our renovation and expansion.

The FAC is listed as the 17th most popular attraction in town. One review from 2008 and it shouts “Great collection.”

Click on “Write a Review” … so far no one has written a review, so if you are the first, they ask for our contact information.

Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center
30 W. Dale St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906

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