Sep 28, 2009

Four Takes on Modern Landscapes

The Independent's Edie Adelstien recently reviewed one of the FAC's newest exhibitions, Personal Paradise: Contemporary Perspectives on Landscape running now through December 6th.

"Today, landscapes appear to carry on under the dubious brushes of Bob Ross, Thomas Kinkade and legions of hobby followers. However, high art landscapes aren't dead. Contemporary artists have now revamped the genre, taking modern, sometimes aggressive approaches to the old sky-background-foreground format."

Adelstein's discerning look at each of the four landscape artists whose work make up the exhibition, along with commentary from its curator, Tariana Navas-Nieves, offer a peek into the dynamic narrative of the exhibit.

Read the whole article here.

Join the FAC for the Opening Celebration of Personal Paradise: Contemporary Perspectives on Landscape on October 2nd, 5- 8 p.m.

Also check out the exciting events FAC is offering in association with the exhibit, including an Artist's Panel and Curator's Tour.

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