Dec 7, 2009

Building a Timeline of Space Exploration

The NASA Art program, opening on December 18, will include an interactive gallery that allows visitors to further explore space and art. Located just beyond the Vance Kirkland and Monica Aiello galleries, the Discovery Space will feature an illustrated timeline of the history of space exploration. The timeline tracks man’s advances toward space exploration, from the earliest examinations of the night sky and celestial phenomena, to the technological advances that allowed us to leave the bounds of Earth. The gallery will also contain monitors playing Powers of 10, a 1977 short documentary by Ray and Charles Eames, and Trip to the Moon, a 1902 French black and white film directed by Georges Méliès. An interactive station will provide visitors with access to activities and further resources on space. The Discovery Space will also showcase art by Bemis School of Art Students, including sculptures made out of a unique kind of precious metal clay developed by NASA.

Working as an intern at the Fine Arts Center, I have had the opportunity to work on the Discovery Space, my main task being to research and put together the timeline. Now, having finally arrived at the final stage, installation, I find myself looking at piles of events, images, and objects, and the difficult challenge of creating visual order and clarity with them. There is a lot to fit on this timeline, especially as you near the 21st century, when fast-paced developments in rocket science and astronomical knowledge occurred! I know, however, that the final result will be fun and interesting, and I am excited to see this project come to fruition.

— Leá Norcross, curatorial intern

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