Feb 26, 2010

'Alien' with no commercial interruptions

In space, and occasionally at the FAC, no one can hear you scream.

We will be screening Alien, an all-time classic on Tuesday, March 2, at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. Cash bar opens at 5 p.m., movie at 6 p.m. Five bucks for FAC members; $7 for non-members

A landmark of science fiction and horror, Alien arrived in 1979 an instant classic, offering richly detailed sets, ominous atmosphere, relentless suspense, and a flawless ensemble cast as the crew of the space freighter, who fall prey to a vicious creature. Impeccably directed by Ridley Scott, Alien is one of the cinema's most unforgettable nightmares.
Battle of the Movie Trailers:
Which trailer do you like better:
Original 1979
Rerelease 2003

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