May 14, 2010

Thanks for making us the Best Of Colorado Springs

Dear Colorado Springs, we love you too! The FAC Museum, Exhibits, and Theatre Productions pulled in 15 Gazette Best of Awards:

Best Museum Gold Winner
Fine Arts Center
The Fine Arts Center seemed to find a fascinating balance this year. Instead of putting most of its eggs in the blockbuster touring art shows, the center mixed local and national artists around fascinating and provocative themes, such as NASA | ART: 50 Years of Exploration and Conflict | Resolution.

Best Local Exhibit Gold Winner
Using the NASA touring exhibition as a foundation, this ambitious show ventured into new territory by mounting the space-related work of local artists - Vance Kirkland, Eric Bransby, Monica Aeillo and. The additional programming, which extended to the Bemis School of Art, lectures and a film festival, were fun, engaging and downright daring. "NYC in our own backyard," wrote one reader.

Best Actor Gold Winner
Marco Robinson
As Eugene in the Fine Arts Center's Broadway Bound, the young actor was both the narrator and central character. If his interactions with brother Stanley seemed particularly natural, maybe that's because Stanley has been played by his real-life brother, Oscar. Robinson also brought life to the Fine Arts Center's Christmas Survival Guide.

Best Actress Gold Winner
Eryn Carmen
With her flawless comic delivery and boundless charm, this vivacious actress did the impossible: she managed to make a manipulative murderess (in the Fine Arts Center's Sweeney Todd) lovable. And she's got some powerhouse pipes to boot.

Best Choreography Gold Winner
A Christmas Survival Guide
Michael E. Gold's jazzy, fresh and inventive choreography pumped plenty of life into the Fine Arts Center's musical about the joy and stresses of the holiday season.

Best Choreography GAZETTE PICK

The Music Man
Mary Ripper Baker created some of her most demanding routines yet for this beloved musical, but the Fine Arts Center's all-ages cast members made them look easy, captivating the audience with their infectious energy.

Best Set Gold Winner
Sweeney Todd
In this deliciously black comedy, Christopher L. Sheley's massive, multilevel set evoked its own grim mood, including the creepy shadows of the asylum and the fiery depths of Mrs. Lovett's kitchen. And who can forget that ultracool barber chair?

Best Costumes Gold Winner
Sweeney Todd
Though new to the Fine Arts Center, Nicole Harrison has already proved her consummate artistry in this show, creating an array of eye-catching costumes that look like they stepped right out of a Dickens novel.

Best Musical Gold Winner
Sweeney Todd
In a production that would have impressed Stephen Sondheim himself, the brilliant cast and top-notch design team worked hand in bloody hand to remind us just how powerful a really great musical can be.

Best Play Gold Winner
Broadway Bound
For the third installment of Neil Simon's Eugene trilogy, the Fine Arts Center brought back veteran actors from the first two, a cast that has become the first family of the local theater scene. Readers said: "Best play I've seen in a really long time"; "Amy Brooks is a star"; "The FAC gets better with each production."

Best Gallery Silver Winner
Fine Arts Center

Best Local Exhibit Bronze Winner
The Baroque World of Fernando Botero

Best Play Bronze Winner

Sweeney Todd

Best Actress Bronze Winner
Amy Brooks

Best Theater Company Bronze Winner
FAC Theater Company