Jun 17, 2010

Chris Weed's "Spores" depart for Art on the Streets near COPPeR offices

Since March, Chris Weed's Spores have enlivened our Sculpture Garden and galleries. (See Blake Milteer's snowy photo at left for proof.)
Most of the fourteen sculptures that we commissioned specifically for Conflict | Resolution are here until June 20, but a handful departed our east lawn this week to join forces with other Art in the Streets sculptures just a few blocks farther south. Now COPPeR, the Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region, and other denizens of the Plaza of the Rockies get to enjoy their outdoor presence.

Here's a picture of Spores provided by COPPeR's Bettina Swigger with her office in the background. Go visit them Downtown! Or, visit their blog instead. Either way, you'll find a wealth of interesting events, people, and resources for the Pikes Peak region. 

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