Sep 14, 2010

Lady Gaga, take me away! Mrs. Cheveley's costuming

I feel the need to share with you, dear FAC blog reader, renderings of the infamous Mrs. Chevely from An Ideal Husband. Look at her, observe her, and breathe in her feathery evil silhouette.
Lady Gaga--Imagine showing a design to a room full of visionary theatre artists and the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is the latest crazy pop star. Three years in graduate school and my best work is seemingly ripped from the pages of that Hollywood gossip magazine you can’t peel your eyes from while waiting in line at the grocery store, arms full of cartons of Ben and Jerry’s and packages of empty aspirations.

I suppose I tend to have eccentric tastes when it comes to fashion and clothing….or so I’ve been told. “I think I have some rather weird choices in clothing,” I once said to a Coloradan acquaintance of mine who promptly replied, “Yeah ya do!”

But, I say, is this not what the world of theatre needs; bit of extreme theatrics to draw us away from our mundane, pathetic lives?!?! “Take me away Lady Gaga, take me away!”

And yet, my design has been stifled, smothered, kicked in the hip, and I am forced to recoil back to normalcy.

Back to the room full of visionary theatre artists:
I know good and well that my design of the diabolical Mrs. Chevely is tremendously invasive, especially in comparison to the other notable characters on stage.

The show must go on, without the orange puffy skirt, but Gaga will be caught up in our abstracted musings for years to come.

--Leslie Aldridge, Performing Arts Costume Manager

Caption: Lady GaGa (Picture) The Dome 49 at TUI Arena - Red carpet arrivals Hannover, Germany from

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