Nov 15, 2010

Edward S. Curtis photography exhibition opens Saturday!

Edward Curtis: From the Sparks Collection | Nov. 20-Feb. 27
Steiner Family Gallery

Edward S. Curtis (1868-1952) sought to create a photographic document of American Indians. The photographs depicted, as Curtis wrote, "all features of Indian life and environment - the young and the old, with their habitations, industries, ceremonies, games, and everyday customs."

This exhibition features 26 photogravures from the private collection of local photographer Barbara Sparks. All of the works are part of Curtis’ The North American Indian, a series commissioned by J.P. Morgan in 1906. The goal of the project was to photograph and document Native American life, as many believed that the cultures were vanishing and that their traditions would soon be lost forever. When Curtis completed the project, he had taken over 40,000 photographs of 80 tribes and made over 10,000 sound recordings. Read more>>

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Marc Azada said...

Edward S. Curtis is certainly an icon when it comes to photography. I've seen some of his photos and it was magnificent.