Jan 12, 2011

FAC Public Forum on Art Censorship

Wed., Jan. 26, 2011 | 5:30 pm
FAC Music Roo
m | FREE and open to the public

Art can be a reflection of the world’s beauty. It can also be a provocative expression that goes so far as to offend moral sensibilities in service of calling our attention to contemporary social conditions. Over the past 25 years, perceptions of controversial content in art have led to censorship when either the artist or art museum has received public funding. Art censorship has ranged from locally-based examples to the halls of congress. Given recent instances of strong backlash toward museums exhibiting controversial art, the FAC is hosting a public forum in which we will consider questions on the meaning and cultural impact of censorship as well as the role of art museums in exhibiting the art of our times.

The forum will begin with a brief introduction to local and national examples of art censorship. Guest speakers will be:

Elissa Auther, Associate Professor of Contemporary Art, Director of the Art History Program, Department of Visual and Performing Arts, UCCS

Sam Gappmayer, Fine Arts Center President/CEO

Jan Martin, Colorado Springs City Council

Blake Milteer, Fine Arts Center Museum Director and Curator of American Art

Tracy Mobley-Martinez, Gazette Arts Writer

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