Jan 26, 2011

In Mel We Trust: Steve Emily on Mel Brooks

Well, here we are – just a day out from The Producers opening.
They say the one constant in life is change. That goes for rehearsals, as well – things are constantly changing, constantly evolving. Well, except for one thing - our company motto: “In Mel We Trust.” You see, as far as this production goes, Mel is God. Mel is Vishnu. Mel is Buddha. Mel is, simply, THE MAN.

I think when you’re talking about Mel Brooks, a quote from “Death of a Salesman” isn’t out of line: “Attention must be paid.” If you are a fan of comedy, I don’t think you can help but pay attention to Mel Brooks. He’s one of the last of the lions – the ones who helped create the golden age of television. He helped change the landscape of film comedy. He turned Broadway on its ear at the age of 75. Let me put it this way, there are only 10 people in history who have won an Oscar, a Grammy, an Emmy and a Tony.

Yep, one of those 10 is Mel. That ain’t luck. That, my friends, is sheer, unadulterated talent. And that kind of talent is a rare bird indeed.

Here’s a little tidbit to think on ... on the American Film Institute’s list of the greatest comedies of all time, Mel Brooks takes up three slots in the Top 15. Not even Chaplin or the Marx Brothers can claim that. Talent, plain and simple.

A word of advice: trust Mel.

--Steve Emily, The Producers director

In case you've missed this Mel Brooks short, you only need to take three minutes and 24 seconds out of your day to catch "The Critic."

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Unknown said...

And in my amazing to discover that Mr. Brooks was also the executive producer of David Lynch's "The Elephant Man".