Jan 31, 2011

"The Producers" Opens to Applause and Guffaws

In this record-setting 75th Anniversary year, the Fine Arts Center Theatre Company has already sold more tickets to The Producers than last May's season finale, Crazy For You. The Producers opened last Friday.

Tracy Mobley-Martinez gave strong praise to the production:
Mounting this spectacle of non-stop singing, dancing and intricate patter requires guts and extensive resources. First-time Fine Arts Center director Steve Emily delivers in spades — with some impressive production values, confident direction and dazzling performances by nearly every member of the large cast. It’s probably the best production I’ve seen in the SaGāJi Theatre in the past two years.

Don Ward wrote on the KKTV blog that "Cory Moosman and Mark Lively are terrific as Max and Leo, the two producers. These are pretty demanding roles…and these two make the audience like them even as they scheme to steal. Alannah Moore manages to mix silly and sexy in just the right amounts as Ulla."

Bryce Crawford at The Independent attended the invited dress rehearsal and blogged about his and Matthew Schniper's experience at the show:
Though it was the cast's first time in front of an audience, and a dress-rehearsal to boot, they killed it, nailing line after line of Mel Brooks' twisty dialogue.
A note for your Valentine's weekend planning: If you haven't purchased tickets yet, take heart. There's plenty of Mel Brooks love to go around.

The Producers, now playing through Feb. 20, 2011!

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