Jan 20, 2011

"The Producers" Rehearsal Video: "You Never Say Good Luck on Opening Night"

For a quick Opening Night etiquette primer, (not that you need it, of course) here's The Producers cast rehearsing "You Never Say Good Luck on Opening Night." Featuring cast members Halee Towne, Kerrin Mullen, Christian Robinson, Mark Lively, Cory Moosman, Allanah Moore, Brantley Scott Haines, Jonathan Eberhardt, Michael E. Gold and Sammy Gleason.

Are you ready for opening night? Buy tickets here. Reserve your Pre-Theatre dining seats by calling 719.477.4377!

1 comment:

golddiggermom said...

If the rehearsal is any indication, and it usually is.. this is going to be another great production. I am getting my tickets right now!