Apr 1, 2011

The Music of Martha Graham with KCME's Michael Campion

Saturday, April 9, 2011 | 2 p.m.
FAC's Music Room.
Free for members; $10 for non-members

Michael Campion
KCME announcer Michael Campion will present a lecture about Martha Graham’s relationships with the composers who wrote the music for her ballets, including noted hungarian composer and musicologist Zoltán Kodály. Kodály himself accompanied Martha Graham's performances at the FAC in April 1936. Campion will discuss the composers she chose and the subject matter that made up the scenarios inspiring the music. The lecture will cover each composer’s unique style, how they brought the scenarios to life through music, and how Graham worked with both story and music to create each unique ballet.

Posy Knight by Alberto Leopizzi 

The lecture will include examples of Graham's radical approach to dance demonstrated live with dancer Posy Knight and on video of Graham herself.

Campion, host of KCME's Noises, Sounds, and Sweet Airs, is known for his expertise in 20th century classical music. This lecture is designed as a precursor to the return of the April 19 Martha Graham Dance Company's performance and will include information about the works being presented by the company.

Michael Campion has been a writer, reviewer and teacher in the Colorado Springs area for the past sixteen years and has worked as program annotator for Colorado Springs Philharmonic Orchestra under Maestro Lawrence Leighton Smith, the DaVinci Quartet, the Thursday Night Recital Series, the Opera Theater of the Rockies, and the Rocky Mountain Amateur Piano Competition

Michael is also the creator and host of two weekly radio broadcasts heard on KCME 88.7 FM. Noises, Sounds and Sweet Airs heard Sunday evenings, gently guides the wary listener through a most enjoyable selection of bold and beautiful classical music of the last hundred years. Classics for Kids, heard Sundays at 5:30, is dedicated to helping our children develop an appreciation for the arts that will instill a healthy imagination. He is also the voice of the Colorado Springs Philharmonic Orchestra radio broadcasts.

Herta Moselsio "Lamentation,"ca. summer 1937
Silver gelatin prints Library of Commerce Music Division
Purchase, 2001 (233.2)


janet sellers said...

Hi, Michael, Love your programs and your voice. I didn't know you are so handsome, too!

How nice for us that you share what you do.
-Janet Sellers

Unknown said...

Sounds very interesting! I knew about Graham and Copland, but not that she had worked with Kodály. I wish I could be there to take in your lecture!

- Tor in Saint Paul MN