Apr 5, 2011

[Updated with Winners] Photo Hunt: Find these photos in our 75th Anniversary website and win

This month, we look back at the people who created the Fine Arts Center as a place for the arts to grow and flourish. In celebration of our 75th birthday on April 20, we've got lots planned. But that's a subject we'll explore in greater detail in the near future.

Today, we want to invite you to delve into our history in search of these three photos. Find them, tell us what they are and where in our 75th Anniversary site you located them, and you're entered to win!

 The first person to respond here on the blog wins tickets and drinks for two to
The Women. We'll also choose two runners-up to win consolation prize memorabilia. 

Ready to embark on a photo hunt? Find these 3 photos!

*Rules: Must be 18 or older to win. Entrants should post their findings in the comments field of this blog post. Winners will be announced and awarded upon the first three entrants submitting their correct findings. We'll publish comments in order of their appearance after we've got our three winners! 

[Update: we got so many entries in the first hour that we kept the contest going a few more hours to allow more people to add their guesses. ]

And here are the winners!
Tickets & Drinks winner: jeremygrantcreative / Jeremy Grant
First runner-up: Kellina / Chana Kolman
Second runner-up:  jetetete / Tania Moore


jeremygrantcreative said...

the first photo is here on the FAC history "our story" page- http://www.csfineartscenter.org/75th/history.html

The second is here on the "classes" page-

and the third is here on the people page under "boardman robinson" -

Unknown said...

Good Morning!

For the 75th Anniversary Site Photo Hunt:

Photo #1: Located under FAC History: This is a photo of FAC West Facade 1948

Photo #2: This is under FAC People: This is a photo of Boardman Robinson at work in 1945

Photo #3: This is under FAC Timeline: This is a photo of Arnold Blach teaching a class at the FAC in 1940

I enjoyed looking through 75th amazing years of FAC history!

Chana Kolman

maria leyvas said...

The beautiful Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center building, designed by architect John Gaw Meem, opened its doors for business on April 20, 1936. A year-long celebration will ensue at the FAC to mark this 75th Anniversary with special events, classes, lectures, exhibitions and performances.
under History link

Broadmoor Art Academy Class. Photo by Laura Gilpin ca. 1940, FAC archives.
under classes link

Boardman Robinson at work ca. 1945 from the FAC archives
under people link

jetetete said...

FAC West Facade ca. 1948 under "Our Story" and Under FAC, A repository for Art Treasures During the War under "Timeline".

Broadmoor Art Academy Class Under Classes: "Art Classes and Lectures Inspired by 75 Years of History" Also under Ärnold Blach Teaches a Class" in the 'Timeline'.

Boardman Robinson is under people.

Tania L. Moore

Unknown said...

First Photo is on http://www.csfineartscenter.org/75th/history.html - West Facade of FAC from 1948

Second Photo... http://www.csfineartscenter.org/75th/education.html.... Broadmoor Art Academy Class 1940

Third Photo... http://www.csfineartscenter.org/75th/robinson.html Broadman Robinson at work in 1945

COSDesigner said...

The West Facade of the building (top photo) is on the "Our Story" page. The photo of an art class (left) is on the "Classes" page. The photo of the painter (right) is Boardman Robinson on the "People" page.

nallacious said...

All from csfineartscenter.org

FAC West Facade ca. 1948 from the FAC Archives; History link

BOARDMAN ROBINSON, Instructor/Artist; People Link

Broadmoor Art Academy Class. Photo by Laura Gilpin ca. 1940, FAC archives; Classes Link


Jane Fitzgerald said...

The first photo is of the FAC West Facade ca. 1948; from the FAC Archives. I found this at the 75th Anniversary site under the History Section.

The next photo is The Broadmoor Art Academy Class; Photo by Laura Gilpin ca. 1940 from the FAC Archives. I found this photo under Classes at the 75th Anniversary site.

The third photo is of Boardman Robinson an Instructor/Artist at work ca. 1945 and from the FAC Archives. I found this under People at the 75th Anniversary site.

HRMBug said...

Picture one: FAC West Facade ca. 1948 from the FAC Archives. Picture found under OUR STORY

Picture two: two locations
Arnold Blach Teaches a Class 1940 found in the timeline
AND Broadmoor Art Academy Class. Photo by Laura GIlpin ca 1940, FAC archives from, Art Classes and Lectures Inspired by 75 Years of History

Picture three: Boardman Robinson from

Unknown said...

The first is a 1948 picture of the West facade as can be found under "History". The second is of Boadrman Robinson, a founding father of the FAC, as attached to his bio under "People" and the third is a picture of a 1940 Broadmoor Art Academy Class as found in "Classes".

Robert Fox said...

Top photo is the "FAC West Facade ca. 1948 from the FAC Archives" on the Our Story page of the site. Bottom left is "Arnold Blach Teaches a Class 1940" from the Interactive Timeline page. Bottom right is "Boardman Robinson at work ca. 1945 from the FAC archives" on the People/Boardman Robinson page.

Unknown said...

Great idea for a contest! I found the photo of the man painting, when I looked at the "People" link on the site. It is Boardman Robinson, instructor and artist.
The photo of the FAC was taken in 1948 and I found it on the "Our Story" link.
The other photo, was seen on the "Classes" link and also in the "Timeline" series of photos. It is from 1940, and is of Arnold Blach Teaching a Class.

Unknown said...

I love the FAC! It's certainly one of the greatest places in Colorado Springs :)

Unknown said...

The photo of the man painting was seen in the "People" link. It is BOARDMAN ROBINSON, Instructor/Artist.
The photo of the FAC is found in the "Our Story" link; it is from 1948.
The photo of the art class is found in the "Interactive Timeline" series of photos and also "Classes" link. It is from 1940- "Arnold Blach Teaches a Class".

Fine Arts Center said...

Hi, everyone! We now have 12 entries and we'll review them in order of their submission. Since the announcement arrived around lunch time, we're going to wait to publish the winners until after 2:30 to give more people time to enjoy the hunt! Thanks for playing. We'll have another online art history activity with prizes next week, so watch for the FAC weekly email blast!

Christian Nowak said...

First blog responder wins tickets?
The exterior picture is the west end of the fine arts center before trees. The interior shot appears to be the room at the top of the stairs in the old building that has the stage. The final picture appears to be Boardman Robinson.

jkhaddad said...

One picture is the FAC W. Facade dated 1948 under History

One Picture is under timeline - "Arnold Blach Teaches a Class" 1919

Last is Broadman Robinson under People

Melissa Fulton said...

Hi! The 1st pic is FAC West Facade ca. 1948 from the FAC Archives located on the "Our Story" page. The 2nd is BOARDMAN ROBINSON on the "people" page. And the 3rd is Arnold Blach Teaches a Class
1940 located on the "timeline" page. Thanks! Melissa Fulton 719-313-0245 mfulton27@yahoo.com

Jeremy Grant Creative said...

Cool, thanks so much! I'm excited to see the play.
how should I get those tickets?

jetetete said...

Jeremy: how did you get the email an hour before the rest of us? :)

But seriously, what does Jeremy Grant Creative do? I throw pottery and am hoping to be an Occupational Therapist. I hope to be treating soldiers, so I am always looking for ways to treat my future patients in a novel way and as such I'm interested in people who do work like I THINK you do. :)


Tania Moore