Aug 31, 2011

Meet Bemis Instructor Gabriella Christians

Gabriella Christians, a native of New York City, headed west shortly after receiving her BA from Syracuse University. She has taught art to students of all ages in schools, camps, and workshops in New York, Connecticut, and Colorado. Although ceramic tile, sculpture, and mosaics form her main body of work, her favorite way to share art is through teaching. You can see what classes she has coming up this session here.

Q.What is your most memorable moment while teaching at Bemis?
There have been many times in my classes where I'm almost brought to tears over sharing a moment of inspiration with a class or student. Popping into my mind right now are students from over the years smiling with their whole bodies, in awe of what they have done.

Q. Do you make your own art? What medium?
I mostly work in clay these days, particularly in ceramic tile making. My tiles range from individual decorative tiles to large scale tile mosaics, to site-specific installations.

Q.Why do you teach at Bemis?
Why do I teach? All my life I've loved teaching in different settings, working directly with people to achieve specific goals, and creating collaboratively.Bemis to me is an environment of creative exploration, driven by so many people who long to bring the sheer joy of art and creativity to the community.

Q. What do you think makes you a good teacher?
I am a good teacher because I love to teach. I love helping children and adults alike to bravely explore the creative powers that exist in each of us. I love guiding students through the process of learning a new skill - which includes wrestlling through the roadblocks - and developing an excited confidence from having made the journey.

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