Aug 16, 2011

QR Codes in the Galleries

We've been thinking about using QR (quick response) codes in the galleries for some time, but we finally implemented a program in conjunction with Elevated Perspective: Paintings by Joellyn Duesberry. The codes take museum visitors to video conversations with the artist in front of her work here at the Fine Arts Center.

While QR codes are still relatively new here in the United States, in Japan, the technology has been around since 1994. QR is a registered trademark of Denso Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota. Denso Wave has elected not to exercise their patent rights of QR codes and that has encouraged their widespread use.

In their words, the QR code carries "meaningful information in the vertical direction as well as the horizontal, hence the two-dimensional term. By carrying information in both directions, QR code[s] can carry up to several hundred times the amount of data carried by an ordinary bar codes."
The way to use this technology is to find a free QR/barcode reader application in your smartphone's app store. Download and install the app, then open it. Once you scan the code, your phone should pull up a url, phone number, picture, or other information.

Have you scanned one of our QR codes in the gallery? What did you think? Please tell us in the comments!

-Becca Sickbert, New Media Manager for the FAC

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