Sep 6, 2011

Bumblebee Boogie: Preparing "Katja Loher's Miniverse"

FAC Assistant Curator Joy Armstrong works with Exhibit Preparator Aaron Jakos and Colorado College intern Elena to ready an 8' diameter weather balloon for the Katja Loher video installation.

New York-based Swiss artist Katja Loher creates video works that eloquently articulate the importance of the individual in contributing to the success of the whole. In Why Did the Bees Leave? Loher specifically examines the vital role of bees in perpetuating global survival, addressing the concern over colony collapse both literally and as a metaphor for the human condition. Loher takes a non-traditional approach to presenting her videos, projecting them through glass or liquid or onto large balloons, resulting in sculptural works that the artist refers to as Bubbles, Miniverses, and Videoplanets. Read more>>

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