Sep 28, 2011

ASSASSINS Fact #2: Oswald's Self-Portrait in Red

For those vinyl afficionados among us, here's ASSASSINS Fact #2: Lee Harvey Oswald recorded his thoughts in the now (in)famous "Conversation Carte Blanche" interview, originally broadcast live on Radio Station WDSU in New Orleans, just a few weeks before President Kennedy's assassination in November of 1963.

The unedited  conversation was released on LP as "OSWALD: Self-Portrait in Red" in 1964.

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From the Back Cover:

"I AM A MARXIST" - Lee Harvey Oswald, August 21, 1963

With these words, a few weeks before President Kennedy's assassination, Lee Harvey Oswald sketched the indelible outline of this Self-Portrait in Red.

What did Oswald really think of President Kennedy? Hear the only recorded statement in existence, as Oswald gives his own opinion of President Kennedy. Was Oswald alone? Listen to this record, as Oswald defends the Fair Play for Cuba committee. Then decide for yourself. Was Oswald insane? Listen to this record... then judge for yourself. What did Oswald call his enemies? Hear Oswald pin a label on people he dislikes, and smear the State Department and the CIA. Whom did Oswald admire? Hear Oswald's own suggestion, that the United States should have dropped weapons "into the Sierra Maestra where Fidel Castro could have used them." How did Oswald explain his three years in Russia? Listen to this record, and hear his revealing reply.


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