Oct 12, 2011

2011 Rocky Mountain Women's Film Festival

Rocky Mountain Women's Film Festival
Nov. 4-6, 2011

Tickets $35-140
Armstrong Theatre

Cornerstone Arts Center / Screening Room
Fine Arts Center

The FAC is pleased to welcome back The Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival for another year of great film and conversation! Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival is the longest continuous-running women's film festival in North America. It showcases documentary, feature, short and animated films that are thought-provoking and enriching, and that encourage global awareness and personal growth. The RMWFF honors films and filmmakers that present the world as women experience it and that inspire curiosity, educate, entertain, and stimulate conversation.

Here are the films slated for screening at the Fine Arts Center Saturday | Nov. 5. For the complete lineup and tickets, please visit the RMWFF website

5 minutes
"Bottle" is the story of an unlikely friendship between a clump of sand and a pile of snow—a far more engaging concept than it may sound and the type of story that can only be told through animation.

62 minutes
Food Stamped is an informative and humorous documentary film following a couple as they attempt to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet on a food stamp budget. Through their adventures they consult with members of U.S. Congress,...

15 minutes
"Minka" is a short documentary about a remarkable Japanese farmhouse and the memories it contains. In 1967, an American journalist and a Japanese student rescued the ancient house from the snow country of Japan, and...

10 minutes
Sometime love lasts a lifetime as an old woman who waits for her late husband to return knows while her neighbor waits only for death to come and take her away. When their fates connect, they are both miraculously freed.

84 minutes
One Revolution opens as dawn breaks atop Africa’s tallest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro. Briefly, glimpses of the mountain frame Chris Waddell as he transfers to his specially designed handcycle. The air is tense as...

57 minutes
This documentary features people in their 90s and 100s who are living extraordinary and passionate lives. Filmmaker Susan Polis Schutz has interviewed some of the most incredible people you can imagine - people who aren't...

80 minutes
The documentary "Precious Knowledge" interweaves the stories of students in the Mexican American Studies Program at Tucson High School. While 48 percent of Mexican American students currently drop out of high...

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