Oct 6, 2011


Courtesy of Special Collections, Pikes Peak Library District, (159-6132).

(With thanks to Warren Epstein at the Gazette)

ASSASSINS Fun Fact #3: Oswald photographer and Pullitzer Prize winner Bob Jackson now resides in Manitou Springs, Colorado.

Do you recognize the photo above that we've been using for ASSASSINS? The copyright belongs to photographer Bob Jackson, who was assigned to photograph President John F. Kennedy's visit to Dallas for The Dallas Times Herald. Jackson won the Pulitzer Prize for News Photography in 1964 for the iconic photograph of the moment when Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald.

Jackson went on to spend two decades as staff photographer for the Colorado Springs Gazette.

This video (along with many more) comes from a Channel 9 news story dedicated to Jackson's story:
Jackson's iconic image of nightclub owner Jack Ruby shooting Oswald is one of the most enduring photographs in American history and won him the Pulitzer Prize. Jackson estimates taking the photo 6/10ths of a second after Ruby pulled the trigger in the basement of the Dallas City Jail.

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