Oct 3, 2011

Live Tweets from the "Sandzén in Colorado" panel discussion

Sandzen in Colorado

Member Preview

Sept. 30, 2011A special Members Preview featured a panel of speakers discussing the artist and his art, moderated by Blake Milteer, the FAC Museum Director, including:
  • Ron Michael, Curator, Birger Sandzén Memorial Gallery
  • Stan Cuba, Associate Curator, Kirkland Museum of Fine and Decorative Art
  • David Yust, Artist and Professor of Painting, Colorado State University
Cuba has authored the catalog for this exhibition and Yust was a student of Sandzén in Kansas.
(To get the chronological feed, start at the bottom and work your way back to the top.)

 FineArtsCenter Sep 30, 6:27pm via HootSuite
 #Sandzen loved Colorado for its cooler temps and stunning rock formations.
 FineArtsCenter Sep 30, 6:26pm via HootSuite
 Q. Did #Sandzen shift style in KS? A. Not really; his style evolved, but he transitioned#Colorado learning back to  Lindsborg.
 FineArtsCenter Sep 30, 6:23pm via HootSuite
 #Sandzen advised students to paint by mixing pure colors on the canvas for longevity. Limiting black kept the palette more pure.
 FineArtsCenter Sep 30, 6:20pm via HootSuite
 #Sandzen didn't paint with the color black; instead he painted with complementary colors for darkening.
 FineArtsCenter Sep 30, 6:18pm via HootSuite
 #Sandzen was able to capture rock volume within his paintings through stiff bristol brushes & Post-Impressionist color theory.
  FineArtsCenter Sep 30, 6:16pm via HootSuite
 Two #Sandzen contemporary #art students in the house! ”Your palette within a year's time transitions dramatically” says Eric Bransby
  FineArtsCenter Sep 30, 6:13pm via HootSuite
 #Sandzen loved painting skies as well as trees & rocks. Check out ”Sunset” to see an example.
 FineArtsCenter Sep 30, 6:11pm via HootSuite
 Q. did #Sandzen paint w brush or pallette? A. Brush. But a small one.
 FineArtsCenter Sep 30, 6:10pm via HootSuite
 #Sandzen loved rocks. Even in Sweden, he spent quality time capturing geologic formations.
 FineArtsCenter Sep 30, 6:08pm via HootSuite
 #Sandzen wasn't really a plein air painter, but his relationship w the landscape was close due to time spent outdoors w  students.
 FineArtsCenter Sep 30, 6:05pm via HootSuite
 #Sandzen was a workaholic before the word was invented, but his Swedish work ethic didn't prevent him from connecting with people.
 FineArtsCenter Sep 30, 6:02pm via HootSuite
 #Sandzen was an excellent #art teacher and his role was very important to him. He taught languages as well: French & Spanish.
 FineArtsCenter Sep 30, 6:00pm via HootSuite
 To visual artists, #Sandzen's paintings ”taste so damn good” due to their vibrant colors & beautiful composition. 
 FineArtsCenter Sep 30, 5:57pm via HootSuite
 Color judgment: ”Tyranny of green” modulated by #Sandzen's use of warm colors to balance with equiluminous colors.
 FineArtsCenter Sep 30, 5:55pm via HootSuite
 Wichita, KS #Sandzen painting student recalls learning about color through parents' collection. The paintings ”spoke” to him.
 FineArtsCenter Sep 30, 5:51pm via HootSuite
 #Sandzen found success & appreciation in his lifetime. #rareforartists
 FineArtsCenter Sep 30, 5:48pm via HootSuite
 #Sandzen panel discussion sold out! Follow here. Colorado was catalyst for change of style.
 FineArtsCenter Sep 30, 5:45pm via HootSuite
 #Sandzen painted both summer & winter scenes. He was a stalwart hiker.
 FineArtsCenter Sep 30, 5:44pm via HootSuite
 #Sandzen started with modified pointilism style but moved toward a more Impressionistic manner to accommodate sweeping rocky mtn light
 FineArtsCenter Sep 30, 4:52pm via HootSuite
 About to begin our Member Preview! Want to listen in on the #art panel discussion? Follow us or #Sandzen tonight @5:30!#Colorado

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