Nov 28, 2011

Last week of Katja Loher's Miniverse

Why Did the Bees Leave?, Videostill, Katja Loher 2009

It’s the last week of Katja Loher’s video-art installation “Miniverse” at the FAC, so hurry in and see it before it’s gone! Walk up to the second-story galleries and immerse yourself in watching the main weather balloon video of “Why did the Bees Leave?” Loher’s videos are also projected within smaller vessels of “videoplanets, videosculptures and bubbles” in the next gallery to show the diversity of the artist’s ability. Loher’s alters our viewpoints through these different mediums – come in and become transported to your very own miniverse.

This is the last installation of the five-month, city-wide art collaboration, Cross|Pollination. Cross|Pollination celebrates and explores the diverse population of animal and insect pollinators.  

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