Dec 19, 2011

Animals, Animals, Animals!

Siameses Bípedos y Cuadrúpedos (Biped and Quadruped Siamese cats),
xylography, Jessica Freyre-Cuebas

A 15-piece exhibit in the Manley Gallery called “Fantastic Menagerie” by Puerto Rican artist Jessica Freyre-Cuebas draws inspiration from works as varied as Socrates to Carl Jung, Jorge Luis Borges to Victor Hugo to create a world where animals are personified to exhibit human emotions. “Each [animal] disguises expressions of the human temperament; Emotions and frames of mind that are natural parts of the drama or tragicomedy of man/woman’s social coexistence,” said Freye-Cuebas.

Jessica Freyre-Cuebas includes giraffes, cats, pelicans, pigs and other creatures showing excitement, fear, and anger in her black and white wood-cuts and linographs on display now.

The individuality of each animal in "Fantastic Menagerie" is just as unique as the characters in the FAC Theatre's production of A Year with Frog & Toad. Featuring over 8 various animals, each character in A Year with Frog & Toad has a distinct personality trait that is highlighted and brough to life by the actors. Take Snail for example, played by Jesse Havea, who is determined and on a time-sensitive mission, yet he can only move so fast (he is a snail, after all). Then there are the mischievious Squirrels, played by Eryn Carman and Lacey Cannell, who take great joy in making a mess with leaves.

Come over to the FAC to check out Freyre-Cuebas' animals! What do you they seem to be communicating to you?

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