Dec 4, 2011

Live Tweets from A YEAR WITH FROG & TOAD talkback

Left to right: Eryn Carman, Jesse Havea, Lacey Connell,
Jason Lythgoe, Drew Frady, and Director Scott RC Levy 
Hi! If you missed the talkback with director Scott RC Levy and the cast, you can catch up here. The cast is: Jason Lythgoe (Frog), Drew Frady (Toad), and the talented threesome of Eryn Carman, Lacey Connell, and Jesse Havea (who play everyone else).

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#AYearWithFrogAndToad was great! Congrats to the cast and crew on a fabulous opening weekend! #Colorado #theatre
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Audience comment:#AYearWithFrogAndToadjazz era costuming is great because it leaves so much (of the animal characters) to the imagination!
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Q. How come the actors aren't dressed as animals? A.@SRCLevy found human friends w rakes and songs more plausible.#AYearWithFrogAndToad
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Q. Is it easier w a small cast? A. Small cast means ”you can't hide!” Everyone counts.#AYearWithFrogAndToad
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Drew Frady (Toad) says that#AYearWithFrogAndToad rehearsals really changed for actors when the floor got painted.#setdesign
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Q. What do you do w set when#AYearWithFrogAndToad is over? A. @SRCLevy: We try to recycle it into other shows
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About 20 of Arnold Lobel's individual stories represented in #AYearWithFrogAndToad!
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Q. How did you get into musical there? A. Cast fell in love w performance as young people, took lessons/classes #AYearWithFrogAndToad
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Q. How was it having the band right on stage? A. #ErynCarman Great! You can always hear them! #AYearWithFrogAndToad
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Q. How do you deal w all the costume changes? A. Practice! & almost double number of crew members to cast.#AYearWithFrogAndToad
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Q. Did you study frogs and toads for#AYearWithFrogAndToad ? A. book floating around backstage re: differences between frogs & toads.
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Q. Are all the actors local? A. Most are regional, but @TokenTong (Jesse Havea) is from #NYC.
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Kid Q. Is #AYearWithFrogAndToad real? @SRCLevy answers yes, it's a real musical. And the cookies are real too!

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