Feb 22, 2012

Artist Spotlight: James Braly

James Braly is the star of  Life in a Marital Institution, but not because he's the only actor onstage in this production, but because he can sardonically retell the ups and downs of a dysfunctional marriage with unmatched charisma and precision. He is the perfect actor—a great storyteller.

In an interview with Kathleen Soladiti, Life in a Marital Institution producer Meredith Vieira explains how, “James [is] so magical” in that he is a talented storyteller, which in Vieira’s opinion is rare to find these days. Neil Genzlinger from the New York Times agrees that, “he has a fine sense of how to make his points without ever explicitly stating them.

Braly gained experience during his open-mic years where he developed relationship material, allowing him to touch on all parts of marriage in his monologue. No stranger to dark comedy, he's also written The Monthly Nut and Asylum. Both monlogues with serious issues like drugs and bankruptcy.

Performing Life in a Marital Instiution at the FAC this weekend, Braly believes American society might expect such a monologue to come from a woman's perspective, but Braly steps up to present his experience as a man living in the modern age. In his interview with Brian Leher, Braly reveals how this show focuses on “how wide a gap you [are] willing to bridge to have a home.”

Braly’s genuineness shines through in his performance because much of this monologue is his life story. From arguments about babies to who deserves to be the happiest, all topics in his monologue are personal; they come from his own experiences and complicated relationship with his wife.

Braly hopes that his monologue will bring you “back to asking questions of your own life and of the people in it.”

Life in a Marital Institution
Saturday, Feb. 25 | 8 p.m.
Sunday, Feb. 26 | 2 p.m.
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