Mar 7, 2012

Free Family Adventure Day: Spring Beginnings

Trees in Colorado Springs with spring buds. Photo by Nasim Mansurov

It's shaping up to be a busy (and warmer) weekend, from the Colorado Springs Wine Festival to Family Adventure Day, among countless other exhibitions in the community! 

Spring hats from last years crafty activities
You know spring is fast approaching when you celebrate Spring Beginnings at Family Adventure Day.  There will be plenty of hands-on activities to prepare for spring’s arrival, like designing spring hats, painting spring flowers and creating Fabergé eggs.

Even though Spring does not officially arrive until March 20, this weekend is a great way to gear up for all the exciting things that spring has to offer—from the beautiful flowers to the green grass and warmer temperatures.  

Spring is the one season where the air smells of new growth as flowers poke their heads from beneath the ground and sprout their beautiful buds.  Spring is not only the time for nature’s regrowth but it is also the season for rejuvenation of all species.  We can discover a fresh perspective and newfound energy through shedding old habits and diving into new activities.

Family Adventure Day happens every month at the FAC, offering a constant supply of FREE artistic fun. Plus, don't miss the free, docent-led tour of the FAC galleries at 12:30 p.m— which will include Terry Maker: Reckonining, the 75th Anniversary galleries, and Fantastic Menagerie: The Work of Jessica Freye-Cuebas.

Family Adventure Day
Spring Beginnings
Sat., March 10, 2012 | 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Free admission Bemis School of Art
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