Mar 26, 2012

Spring Break Adventure - Anime Art Club

Anime refers to a distinct style of animation that originated in Japan during the 20th century. The first known anime was a two-minute clip created in 1917, “A Dull Sword."

Anime has grown tremendously since that first clip, reaching international audiences and the realm of full-length feature films. With its distinct visual style, Anime is easy to recognize. Anime characters have distinct eye styles, head and body proportions, and facial expressions. Their eyes are typically exaggerated, very large and expressive.  Most characters' heads are large in proportion to their body. Lastly, anime characters are very expressive, using their entire face and body to show happiness, anger, fear, surprise or shock.

Starting today at the Bemis School of Art, students ages 12-17 are taking a special spring break class on anime. Not only will students get an opportunity to learn techniques used by Japanese, Chinese, and Korean anime artists, they'll also get the whole week to practice and improve their drawing skills. Check back next week to see some of the anime characters created in Anime Art Club.

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