Apr 26, 2012

Catalog for Terry Maker: Reckoning

"Thrift Store Dog Extended" resides on Terry Maker's living room wall, with a flat screen television sandwiched in
the middle. The interesting story behind this is little diptych can be found in the Terry Maker: Reckoning catalog.

Here at the FAC we have put together yet another exhibition catalogue, but this time to accompany Terry Maker's show, Reckoning (The other exhibit this season with a catalog was Sandz√©n in Colorado, and what a big and beautiful catalog it was! Adding to why it is sold out).

This 44-page full-color catalog includes photos of Maker's artistic process and completed works, in addition to short essays by Museum Director and Curator of American Art, Blake Milteer and Terry Maker herself. There's even a fold out poster of Ozymandian Tree (one of Maker's most recent pieces) for you to hang anywhere! The catalog is broken up into six sections: Documents and Records, The Garden, Desire, Magic Marks, Ozymandias, and Suitcases -- just to give you an idea of the wide range of subject matter in Maker's pieces.

Contemporary art can be difficult for any viewer. Because Maker's pieces combine huge scale with literary references, new mediums depicting challenging subjects, among many other challenges, we hope the catalog helps enrich your experience of Reckoning. Photos and text alone do not make for a complete art experience though, so we hope you'll come down to see the El Pomar Gallery all decked out in Terry Maker's art.

Terry Maker: Reckoning is available for purchase at the FAC's Box Office; stop by in person or call 719.634.5583 for more information.
Reckoning will be on display until June 3.

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