Apr 16, 2012

Happy [belated] Birthday to Thomas Hart Benton!

Thomas Hart Benton image source
Thomas Hart Benton would have celebrated 123 years on a day most people dread, tax day (April 15, 1889).

During the Depression, Benton believed in showcasing Americans that reflected the real heartland of our country; rural USA. With this idea in mind, Benton and other artists such as Grant Wood and John Steuart Curry pioneered the Regionalist movement. Regionalism depicted images of rural life in America. His involvement in the regionalist movement landed Benton a color cover of Time Magazine.

Some of Benton's drawings are currently on display as part of the Resilience exhibits.

Closing May 27, 2012

Below is a video highlighting some of Benton's most famous works.


American Highlander said...

Thanks for this. Although I've been familiar with his paintings since I was a teenager I didn't know much about him personally until we watched the Ken Burns documentary last night. It was a coincident that it was so close to his birthday!

Fine Arts Center said...

Great timing! Glad you enjoyed this. :)