Apr 2, 2012

The Musical Muses of Samuel James

Not too many people in Colorado Springs may be familiar with Maine blues musician Samuel James, but this will change after his concert at the FAC this upcoming Saturday, April 7  

There are a few things to expect at a Samuel James performance: virtuoso guitar skills, captivating storytelling, infectious energy, and the barring of a “sweat-pouring soul.”

Until you can experience a James concert for yourself, exploring his musical inspirations is a good way to gain insight into his musical style. James is described as, “part Bill Withers, part Tom Waits, part James Brown, part Leo Kottke,” so below is a sample of his musical muses to shed some light on this bluesman’s musical soul.

Bill Withers
The profound honesty and sensitivity found in his timeless music has made Bill Withers one of America's premier singer/songwriters.

Tom Waits
Bad As Me has been called everything from one of the best of his wildly fruitful creative life to a watershed release.”

James Brown
“The Godfather of Soul.”

Leo Kottke
“During his career, Kottke has collaborated with Phish bassist Mike Gordon and recorded an extensive catalog that has inspired countless guitarists.”

Samuel James in Concert
Satuday, April 7 | 7:30p
$15 | Buy Tickets

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