Apr 25, 2012

Name That Voice

In the 1930s and 40s, the radio was the main source for American's news and enterainment. However, in today's  technological climate, many people check the weather, read the news, find out a sports score and watch the latest episdoe of "Modern Family" from their cell phones.

Still a powerful communication tool, the radio brings voices and ideas into people's living rooms, cars, schools, churches, businesses-- anywhere there's a signal and receiver. 

Listen to these historical moments that impacted individuals throughout the wold. Can you recogize the historical figure sharing their ideas over the airwaves?

Voice # 1


Voice # 2


Voice # 3


Voice # 4


Voice # 5

Voices in Order: Eleanor Roosevelt; Babe Ruth; Adolf Hitler; Amelia Earhart; Mohandas Gandhi.

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