May 23, 2012

NEW Acquisition: Jerry Vigil's "Saint Drogo"

"Saint Drogo, Patron of Coffee Houses", Jerry Vigil, acrylic paint on carved bass wood
Remember our artist spotlight on Jerry Vigil in November about his Day of the Dead art? In addition to his Muertos figures, Vigil gifted to the FAC "Saint Drogo, Patron of Coffee Houses". In the interview (video below), Vigil states how important humor is to his art, and we see that in his own interpretation of religious iconography.

Saint Drogo, a real patron saint, protects coffee houses, patrons, midwives and unattractive people. When Vigil found out this information, he was coincidentally drinking coffee, and "laughed when I found him and his list of patronages."Vigil's art is rarely just funny. This piece's writing "Smart Women Thirst for Knowledge" pays homage to his wife; but is also commentary on the church's view of women.

You can see "Saint Drogo, Patron of Coffee Houses" on display in the 75th Anniversary galleries. We periodically switch out what's on display to try to give you a sampling of the wide breadth of art we have in our Permanent Collection, so be sure to check it out!

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