Jun 4, 2012

NEW Acquisition: Stan Wenocur's "Silt Pond"

Stanley Wenocur, Silt Pond, mixed media, 2008. Image courtesy artist web site.

Maryland-based abstract painter Stan Wenocur uses mixed media to capture the "sensuality of the human body and the natural environment." Silt Pond is an example of the artist's focus on the visual evocation of images of landscape or water. Wenocur's abstract painting seeks order in chaos through mixed media and the play on textures, both real and implied. He incorporates materials such as burlap, pumice, ashes, paper, acrylic, ink, colored pencils, oil paint and oil pastel.

Not all of Wenocur's art is abstract though, he also paints and does charcoal drawings of figurative portraits and installation art. Wenocur employs a gradual, developmental process: beginning with a feeling, idea, image, affinity to a certain color, then builds his piece "to resolution" -- a process which can take over several weeks.

"Silt Pond" is now on view in the 75th Anniversary galleries on the first-floor.

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