Jun 13, 2012

Turrell's "Twilight Epiphany" - by the numbers

James Turrell's skyscape, "Twilight Epiphany" at Rice University will open to the public on Thurs., June 14almost a month before our very own Turrell exhibition premiers on July 14.

"Twilight Epiphany" is the first of Turrell's skyspace engineered for acoustics (but no music will be played during his light shows). "Twilight Epiphany" is located east of Rice's Shepherd School of Music, and Turrell will create additional light shows to accompany specific musical performances.

Each of Turrell's skyscapes are unique, especially in relation to where they are located, in this one, "you will see the sky be almost any color you like, in fact, quite some surprising tones,” he said. “If you take a photo of the sky in this skyspace, the color you see in the opening is not actually going to show up in your camera because in fact it is not there." This skyscape is designed for sunset and sunrise shows where lights on the ceiling's structure will change colors according to the sun's position, affecting the viewer's perception of the color of the sky.

120 seating capacity inside "Twilight Epiphany"
5184 roof area, in square footage
196 size of the opening in the roof that allows view of sky, in square footage
40 duration of show in minutes
2 shows daily
12 hidden state-of-the-art speakers (which will not be used for the show itself but will be available to Rice students
73rd skyscape Turrell has created

Below is the promotional video for "Twilight Epiphany".

Join us on July 13 for a Member's Preview of James Turrell's show in the El Pomar Gallery. For a little teaser, visit Convolutions, the Permanent Collection show on view now in the first floor galleries meant to complement the themes of space and light in the James Turrell and Scott Johnson exhibitions.

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