Jul 26, 2012

Marc Salem: Mentalist not Magician

Marc Salem in not a magician  he is not a psychic  and he is not a mind reader. 
Marc Salem is a mentalist.

But what exactly does this mean? If his "powers" do not not stem from supernatural phenomena, how is Salem seemingly able to read minds while the rest of us cannot? Salem's answer  he is merely talented.

Talented indeed. Salem is considered one of the greatest mentalists on the planet. Yet he has much more than talent on his side, he has the scientific expertise and the psychoanalytic background to run circles around the rest of us mental lay people. Salem holds advanced degrees from NYU and University of Pennsylvania, including a a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology and is considered one of the wold's foremost scholars on non-verbal communication. He has been on the faculty of NYU, UP, Manhattan College and Marymount Manhattan College. The man is a true scholar of the mind.

The mind is a mysterious thing . . . unless you are Marc Salem of course. 
Check out this incredible video - see Salem's "talent" for yourself!

"Hide your thoughts! Marc Salem is in town! Quick-witted family fun with a WOW finish!"  -  New York Times
"Mind-blowing is the only way to describe Marc Salem's Mind Games. This is a one man tour de force as Marc wows and charms his audience for an hour and a half with his incredible ability to read minds." - New York Post 
"It's far and away the best mentalist show I've ever seen." -  Village Voice 

Marc Salem: Mind Over Colorado
Fri.-Sat., Aug. 10 - 11 | 7:30 p.m.
TICKETS: $18 FAC Members | $20 for non-members
all the Box Office at 710.634.5583.

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