Aug 14, 2012

Fall Highlights at Bemis

This fall, the Bemis School of Art is offering a variety of opportunities to learn timeless, traditional, hand-crafting artisan skills. Below are a few highlights, but make sure to check out the Bemis online catalog (or download a PDF) for all available classes and workshops starting Sept. 17, 2012. 

Working with Leather
Leather is a versatile material that people have used to create items ranging from clothing and shelter to weapons. Learn how to work leather and discover tools for stamping designs and adding texture and color to create belts, purses, watch bands and more. 

Leather in any Weather (six-week class and one-day workshop) 
Leather Crafting (four-week class)

Shadow Box Art
Explore echoes from the past while telling a story using vintage boxes and materials, found materials, and creating new items to place in a hanging installation. This technique of curating a collection of items in an artistic manner is akin to some of the pieces you can see in Floyd D. Tunson’s exhibition Son of Pop

Shadow Box Art (six-week class and one-day workshop

Oil Lamps
Experience the glow from an ancient world and learn hand-building techniques for creating a traditional oil lamp made of clay. 

Clay Oil Lamp (four-week class)

Textile Arts
Silk, cotton, wool—explore these  materials and learn how to impose bold and subtle color, sculpt three-dimensional objects, and even create fashionable accessories that will come in handy this fall and winter. 
Silk Scarf Painting (five-week class)

Needle Felting (half-day workshops)

Kitchen Delights
Learn the art of canning, an invaluable skill for preserving and enjoy the fruits and bounty of fall all winter (and even through summer!) long using canning, freezing, and pickling techniques. 

Preserving Foods for Modern Times (one-day workshop)  

Online registration for fall session now available for FAC Members; registration opens to the general public Aug. 27 2012. 

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