Sep 18, 2012

Take a Spiritual Walk with Scott Johnson

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Current second-floor museum offerings of James Turrell and Scott Johnson are pretty different from what we've had in the past. Gone are paintings hanging on the wall with perfect gallery lighting, image labels -- they've been replaced by light installations, sight-specific art, and even some olfactory surprises. 

Local artist Johnson plays with the idea of sight-specific art, crafting many of his pieces specifically for the second-story spaces at the FAC. If you'd like to hear the artist's spiritual inspiration behind his work, join Colorado College's Chaplains' Office for a tour led by Johnson of the exhibition. 

Spiritual Journeys with Scott Johnson
Wed., Sept 19 | 3 p.m.
Meet at Shove Chapel, Colorado College (map) — 719.389.6638

James Turrell | Trace Elements: Light into Space
Scott Johnson | Places Apart
July 14 - Sept. 30

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