Oct 10, 2012

Behind the Scenes: Gypsy Costumes

The costumes of Gypsy -- especially the burlesque ones in the second act -- definitely deserve a second look! Costume Shop Manager Janson Fangio gave us a backstage look at the design process of all the costumes and wigs of this colorful and musical theatre season opener!

A fun light-up costume for the burlesque dancers. 

Costume Shop Manager Janson Fangio shows off the
custom-made children's "soldier" costume for Balloon Girl,
played by Ellie Levy. This is Levy's FAC stage debut.

One of Mama June's wigs.

A wig worn by Lacey Connell. Connell
plays Gypsy Rose Lee.

A sleazy-looking combover wig, one of many wigs worn by
Johnny Eberhardt.

This is the so-called "costume bible," a quick reference for the Costume Manager that contains all the actors measurements and roles played. 

Every minute measurement of the actors is included in the bible. It contains measurements as specific as the length from one's kneecap to the ankle bone. 

The costumes were designed by Lex Liang, a longtime associate of FAC Theatre Director/Producing Artistic Director, Scott RC Levy. Liang heads his own design company in New York City, LDC Design Associates. Janson oversaw the actual production and making of the costumes for Gypsy, shopping for the fabric and making the pieces. 

Backstage costume shop chalkboard used for tailoring costumes. 

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