Oct 18, 2012

Dancing in the Galleries: Ormao Dance Company

Inspired by the exhibition Floyd D. Tunson: Son of Pop, Ormao Dance Company has jumped into an exciting and complex collaboration with five different choreographers and composer Glen Whitehead. Travel through the galleries with dancers and live music to experience a very special series of site specific choreography that explore themes surrounding generations, freedom, cultural awareness, racism, and history.  

Ormao Dance Company: Fall Gallery Performances
Sunday, Nov. 4 | 5:30p; 7p
Friday, Nov. 9 | 5:30p; 7p; 8:30p
BUY TICKETS  $25 adults, $15 students and children

“Trace” Choreography by Patrizia Herminjard
Trace is an installation existing amongst Floyd Tunson's Haitian Dream Boats, which float above a trio for three women scanning three generations. It explores how movement traces architectural places of the body eliciting psychological implications. Trace seeks to reveal how the history of tracings in one’s own body language triggers a response before and beyond words.

“Bound Breath” Choreography by Stephanie Kobes
Inspired by Visual Artist, Floyd Tunson’s beautifully tragic and striking images, five women surrounded by glass, find themselves struggling to overcome the overwhelming sensation of being bound by every breath they take.  Frenzied chaos, gives way to tranquil release as bodies are tossed and turned in a noble battle to exhale.
“Sentience” Choreography by Jan Johnson
Sentience explores finely sensitive perceptions of feelings, with influences from visual artist Floyd Tunson's Hearts and Minds and Delta Queen. Exploring awareness, attention, face to face, back to back, side to side, near and far…with care…with superiority…with indifference, challenging the culturally expected responses.

“unrecognized beauty” Choreography by Ila Conoley
The soundscape by Glen Whitehead fills the gallery with a sometimes hauntingly sparse and sometimes suffocatingly dense sound cloud. Viewers journey, with the music as a guide, through a variety of abstract movement scenes inspired by and reminiscent of the emotional content and the human experience represented in visual artist Floyd Tunson's works. "unrecognized beauty" acknowledges the all too often unrecognized and unrealized beauty lost in the victims of racism, sexism, and all things hateful.

“Interstices” Choreography by Emily Ford
This piece looks at the near and the far and seeks to describe the intangible space that lies between. Our individual and collective past and future realities define our present.

Floyd Tunson: Son of Pop
Oct. 27 - Jan. 20

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