Oct 30, 2012

FAC inspired Halloween Costumes

It’s that time of year again. You’ve broken out the sweaters (but kept the shorts as well because Colorado Springs weather can be a little…temperamental) and all of the leaves have changed colors. This can only mean one thing. It’s Halloween time; time  for hundreds of children to knock at your door and ask for candy. 

If you’re anything like our New Media Intern Seema, then you spend a lot of time thinking about your Halloween costume,  but still end up searching through your closet for the perfect costume right up until the day of.

If you're still trying to figure out a costume, the FAC is here to offer some Halloween-costume inspiration. The FAC Galleries have a large amount of Western, Modern and un-classifiable pieces that can easily be translated into an awesome and original Halloween costume. Below are a few pieces with costume ideas provided by Intern Seema.

Floyd D. Tunson, Synchro-Mesh 19, mixed media.
Contemporary Art

Floyd D. Tunson is a local Colorado artist who is known for his experimental art as well as Americana references. In order to dress as a Floyd D. Tunson piece, find some interesting metalware around the house and find an adhesive to stick it to yourself.  Also, if you just take some gray cardboard and cut out common shapes, that might work as well. This would probably work best if you’re wearing white underneath. If anyone asks you what you are just strike a pose and say “Contemporary Art!”

Floyd D. Tunson, Where the Hell Is Batman?, acrylic on canvas.
Super Hero Hodge Podge

Another Floyd D. Tunson inspired piece is this collage of American super heroes and icons. Super Heroes are always a popular Halloween costume so why not mix it up this year and use elements from all of them? Maybe a Superman cape with a wonder woman lasso but dressed as Popeye the sailor? This is the perfect costume to attract attention at any party.

Esteban Blanco, Spy Plane, mixed media.
Spy Plane

Googly eyes are a bit odd and strange-looking, but they can also make a fun addition to a costume, and can be found in any crafting store. I once went to a party as a Cyclops by sticking one in the middle of my forehead (that got me a few raised eyebrows and head turns). But a super simple costume inspired by the FAC’s own Spy Plane piece would be to wear all black and stick large googly eyes all over your body and face.

Jerry Vigil, Saint Drogo, Patron of Coffee Houses, mixed media.

Patron Saint of Coffee
As an avid coffee drinker, this piece caught my eye the first time I visited the FAC Galleries, and I was reminded of it again when thinking of Halloween costumes. The best way to make this costume would be to find a monks robe  (or wear all brown) and glue a coffee cup to a beaded necklace. Make sure you also have a cup in hand at all times for effect! Coffee is, after all, a beautiful thing.

Walt Kuhn, Trio, oil on canvas.
Circus Trio
The perfect group costume as inspired by Kuhn's oil painting. Have two friends dress in all red. And then dress in white with white face paint. Don’t forget the tights!

There you have it folks! Five interesting and unique Halloween costumes as inspired by works of art in the Fine Arts Center. Happy Halloween, and if you have an FAC or art inspired costume, we'd love to see it! 

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