Oct 16, 2012

Behind the Scenes: Gypsy and Mama Rose's Pre-Performance Routines

Curious what the leading ladies, AJ Mooney (Mama Rose) and Lacey Connell (Gypsy Rose Lee) do before a performance?

AJ Mooney performing in Penobscot Theatre Company's
2008 production of State of the Union. Mooney played the role
of newspaper heiress, Kay Thorndike (source).  
AJ's Pre-Performance Routine

  • Stretch and vocalize
  • Appetite stops after 3 p.m. - "It's a life change as opposed to the day-to-day activities you'd do on a non-performance day. Everything shifts."
  • Sinus steaming "I'm from Maine, so everything gets dried up in this climate."
  • Quiet meditative space (AJ and Lacey share a dressing room, so it's good that they both enjoy the pre-performance meditative atmosphere)
  • Coffee, and tea right before going on

Warm and caffeinated liquids seem to be a
favorite of the two leading ladie
 of Gypsy (source).
Coffee to energize before the show (source).

We spotted some sort of candy in many of the dressing rooms.
Black licorice has been known to sooth vocal cords, and can
be used as a dietary supplement to fight against sore throats
and bronchitis (source).

Cough drops help sooth the actors'
throats before going on stage for a
production as vocally demanding as a
nearly 3 hour long musical (source).

Lacey Connell (source).

Lacey's Pre-Performance Routine

  • Stretch and vocalize
  • Apple
  • Starbucks VIA refreshers
  • Caffeine
  • Gum "To wake up my face!"
  • Being alone in dressing room with a closed door
Lacey Connell, who plays Louise, and Nicole Dawson, who plays Louise's sister June, are on stage during the first act. Connell is wearing the "pants" of the cow costume, after a scene where she and one of the boys dance under one cow costume. 

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